Bonapart - Insead Students Housing lists - FAQS
Bonapart Housing Lists F.A.Q.S

What is ?
  • is a Direct Renting Service dedicated to Insead Students. Iit is NOT an agency. Thus it provides lists of accommodations available to Insead students, with the landlords contacts. You contact directly the landlord of your choice.
What do you mean by Room ?
  • For a Room is any space, enclosed by walls and opened via a door, where its tenants can spend some agreable time.
    Thus a bedroom, a study, a living room, a dining room, an eat-in kitchen are rooms, but not a loundry room, an entrance hall, a kitchen.
Why does Bonapart count rooms and not bedrooms ?
  • Bonapart sorts accommodations by rooms and not by bedrooms, as some landlords propose studies "that can be used" as spare bedrooms.
    Thus with Bonapart : studies, even if thy have a spare bed are officially counted as Rooms but are not counted as "permanent" bedroom suitable for a student
How can one deal with a French only speaking landlord ?
  • Most of landlords advertising on have welcomed Insead Students for many years.
    Thus eventhough some of them do not speak English, they have always managed to get organised with none French speaking students calling from abroad.